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NL October 2018


WCoMC is a collegiate forward looking Modern City Livery Company; we maintain City traditions, share expertise and information between fellow members and give back to the community through our pro bono activities.

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Our latest City updates

Master John Corneille

Immediate Past Master, David Johnson

Mary Johnson hands the Mistress' brooch to Consort Kate Ellis

Alderman Alison Gowman, Guest of Honour, has a long history of engagement with WCoMC. Alison has been involved in all aspects of the work of the City of London during her years of service, alongside her role as a Consultant with the international law firm DLA Piper UK LLP, specialising in real estate  

What’s up?

New Court Assistants

Kulbir Shergill

John Watson

Installation Dinner

The Master with Richard Swift, Doug Prior and John Watson

PM Noorzaman Rashid, PM Ian Daniell, Kulbir Shergill, Simon Chapman, PM Edward Sankey

Joe Corneille [right] and friends Sam Large, Kevin and Maggie

Val and John Blackburn, PM David Peregrine-Jones, PM Patrick and Ann Chapman

Richard and Sarah Flinn [Corneille]; Sam Jones [Corneille] and Kelvin Jones

Mike Buhagiar, Collette Stone, Sue Ells

Christine Broomhead, Kanan Barot, Leon MacPherson, Adrian Williams, Chris Hall, Mary Johnson

Christina Parry OBE FCIS Master, Company of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators and Geoff Dawson

Karen Smith, Alan Latham and guests

Frank Brown, Alderman Alison Gowman, Denise Fellows


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Issue 54:  October 2018


Your Master's Voice:

I am extremely honoured to be Master of the Company for the next year. I have been working with the Wardens to develop a 3-year plan for the development of the Company, with the aim of having a programme which provides continuity beyond my year. We intend to share this plan with you at the New Master's Reception on 21 November; seek your feedback and, hopefully, have your support in its implementation.

Our plan is based on achieving the following objectives in support of the Company's strategy (as set out on our website) :

  • to build on past successes, such as the excellent work done in the last few years in raising our profile across the Livery; continuing to support the development of the Centre for Management Consulting Excellence and ensuring that our philanthropic efforts, particularly our pro bono consulting and mentoring for charities, is fully appreciated both within and outside the Company.

  • to retain and grow our membership; aiming to increase diversity, particularly by attracting more younger members.

  • to improve our engagement with the management consulting industry. 

I look forward to seeing you soon at one of our events. 



The Sea Cadets - with whom the Management Consultants will be marching in the Lord Mayor's Show on Saturday 10 November


- John McLean Fox - following the award of an Outstanding Service Medal - addresses the Members' Reception - 20 September 2018....   fuelling the desire to become a full Livery Company that would enhance the reputation of the management consultancy profession through its charitable activities...    

-Ten years from the financial crisis - banks, Brexit and populism... The global financial crisis has left an indelible scar on the UK. The scar is not necessarily an economic one;  it is a social and political one which has left the country devoid of a public debate about what we are as a nation and a society .... 

 Dr Rebecca Harding, Economist and Liveryman, explores...

- Annual Service:  A tribute to Lt. Col. Brian O’Rorke Master 1996-97 of the Worshipful Company of Management Consultants. 

Delivered 20th September 2018 by Michael Jeans, Master 2001-02....

- Where can you find a vertical forest?  As a former Vice Chairman of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes, Calvert Markham was invited to contribute to  the ICMCI meeting and conference recently held in Milan, at a session relating to the formation of our own Centre for Management Consulting Excellence - CMCE... The Italian Job....


- What do the Sea Cadets and easyJet have in common...?

...the latest Sea Cadets' training ship, the            TS Sir Stelios, was named and commissioned  in the presence of the man himself...

Assistant Kanan Barot navigates....



- WE'RE AT THE FRONT!!! for The Lord Mayor's Show, Saturday November 10th: We’ll be serial number 7 for this year’s procession; meaning that we’ll be at the front of the parade. We’ll be immediately behind our colleagues from the Royal Navy, Royal Marines and their reserves;  significantly, this means maximum TV and media exposure...!!  

Join the Master and Wardens as we welcome our new Lord Mayor. A landmark event in London's calendar for over 800 years. Come and have fun and show your pride in your Livery and the Management Consulting profession. March alongside the Sea Cadets and 20 of the nation's military bands and colourful floats numbering over 100. Don't just read about history, be part of it!

  • 9.00am: breakfast at the Third Warden's flat at: 22 Thomas More House, Barbican EC2Y 8BT
  • 10 – 10:30: Muster time with the Sea Cadets on London Wall. The parade marches off at 10:00, and as we’re at the front, we’ll need to be ready! Mustering Point: The Rotunda; at the junction of London Wall and Aldersgate Street
  • 11.30: Stop for Lunch: at The George on the Strand, (a little earlier than normal…)
  • 13:00:  Afternoon march off from Temple Place
  • 14:00: (ish): Return to The Rotunda
  • 2.30pm: finish (and peel off for a well earned drink!)

Any Liverymen or Freemen can join in the parade, but there are limited places to march and for breakfast so places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. We have reserved the first floor at The George for lunch; this overlooks the Law Courts where the Lord Mayor is sworn in and there is space to bring family and friends! Please contact the Clerk at  to reserve.

-  Wed 14th November 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm at Cass Business School, 106 Bunhill Row, London EC1Y 8TZ.  Cost £35 "The Rise of the Robot Consultant?" This CMCE global symposium will examine the findings of a major research project conducted by the Centre over the last year into the skills likely to be required by consultants in 2030.  The findings will be presented by Chris Sutton, who led the project, followed by comments from three leading experts in the field:

  • Sir George Cox - Past Master and leading light in the Management Consulting industry
  • Mark Goyder - Founder of Tomorrow's Company
  • Chris Hay - Distinguished Engineer at IBM

There will be plenty of time for discussion - and you will leave with a greater knowledge of what the future holds, and how close we are to robot consultants.  Register now...

Pro Bono Mentoring Forum:  Tuesday November 20th; 5:30 PM   to   8:30 PM. at Wood Street Bar & Grill; 53 Fore Street; Barbican, London,  EC2Y 8AX

An opportunity for current WCoMC Pro-Bono mentors, prospective mentors or those “just curious about mentoring” to meet for an evening of discussion, knowledge sharing and learning about mentoring.

Your choice of refreshments and food can be purchased at the bar.

Please note that this event is "pay as you go"; food and drink is available from the bar according to your needs!  Register here...

- SAVE THE DATE!!!  - Wednesday 21 November:  New Master’s Reception:  details to be advised...!

A superb Christmas present!!  "The 99 Essential Business Questions:  To take you beyond the obvious management actions."  Ask the right Questions: Make the right decisions. Authors: Gia Campari; David Glassman; Michael Jeans; Patrick McHugh; David Peregrine-Jones; David Shannon; Benjamin Taylor.  See article....

- Bi-monthly Livery Briefings, and the Programme of City Briefings and Course:    details of all of which are to be found at The City Briefing in 2018 will take place on the evening of  20 November. 


Management Consultants wield their authority...

A Management Consultant comes by a farmer’s ranch as part of an investigation he’s doing into reports of illegal crops being grown in the area.  The farmer is in his rocking chair on the porch, watching as the man in the suit and tie approaches.

“I’m the Consultant,”  he tells the farmer.  “I’ll be out in your fields looking around.”

“That’s fine,”  the farmer says.  He points to the far end of his property,  “but you best stay out of that yonder one.”

The Management Consultant scoffs.  “I’ve been given authority by the Department for the Environment”, he says, as he holds up his badge.  “I’ll go anywhere I darned well please…."!

The farmer shrugs.

The Management Consultant goes off to snoop around.  Not much later the farmer sees him running from the far field at a full sprint; at his heels the farmer’s prize bull, snorting and charging, head down.  As the runner gets close, huffing and puffing, the farmer stands up from his chair.

“Quick!”  he yells to the Management Consultant  “Show him your badge!”


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