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The Wealth of the City

It is not all in the banks!

At the end of a small lunch party Karen and I were at hosted by the Lord Mayor’s Consort in their apartments, Nicholas Woolf offered to show us the finest of the gold and silver of Mansion House.

This was not a time to say I’m sorry I have an appointment in ten minutes!

We went to see some tremendous pieces. They almost dazzle you.

The most spectacular was this candelabra and finger bowls, form the 18th Century.

My favourite though was a chain given bequeathed by Sir John Aleyn, Lord Mayor in 1525 and 1535. Beautiful in its relative simplicity and hand made quality, it was an example of the heritage we and our Company are part of, and why not a future that lasts, well, at least the next 200 years?

The key to the success of the special Mayoralty, Livery and their professions in the City, must be their adherence to the best of standards of conduct, fellowship and charity, whilst being able to move to meet the needs and opportunities of coming times. It is from this came the real value in the City.

Oh, and needless to say, the pieces were in a strong room!