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Honorary Chaplain Helen O'Sullivan explains her role

In March this year I was delighted to be installed as Honorary Chaplain to the company. At the time I was on the clergy team at St Paul's Cathedral and have since then moved to rural Northumberland. I am now based in Warkworth, and look after three parishes alongside my duties to the Company. 

The role of a livery chaplain is much the same as that of a parish priest in that, as chaplain, I am committed to the spiritual wellbeing of every member of the community, and the community as a whole, regardless of their religious or spiritual beliefs or identity. This means in practice that I am available to every member of the community if there is a joy you want to celebrate or a sadness or difficulty you feel you need to share. 

For practical support in times of hardship we have the services of our Almoner Sally Garratt and I complement her role for those who would appreciate spiritual support, whether that be in praying for you or for someone close to you at a critical time or being available to listen to what's going on in your life and reflect theologically with you on the way ahead. I can also advise and help to put you in touch with contacts locally if you don't know what to do in regard to a baptism, wedding, funeral or memorial service. 

I have been discussing with members of the company's faith group opportunities we might have next year to take time out, a kind of mini retreat. Watch this space for more information. For now be assured of my prayers for the flourishing of the company and its members, and if you want to contact me you can email me at