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Pro Bono Round Up - March 2020


This short report provides a snapshot of our pro bono activities as at March 2020, in terms of who is doing what.  Each of the individuals named has access to, and the support of, a Project Director (a member of the Pro Bono Committee).  The Pro Bono Committee carefully vets each application and regularly turns down applications, applying our triage criteria.  Often, we see applications from Start-Ups where the organisation is not yet delivering any real benefits. Sometimes we say no because the applying organisation is too big, and can afford to buy-in consultancy support. Occasionally we’ll even pull out of an assignment (for example when Trustees are not willing to listen to advice about trading when insolvent).   It is this robust management of our pro bono efforts that makes our philanthropic efforts unique across the Livery.

Consulting Assignments: 

  • Steve Edwards is carrying out an IT review “Bail for Immigration Detainees”        
  • Steve Mayhew is working with “Cards for Good Causes” on Strategy, Organisation and Sales.  This one could be big. 
  • Steve Cant is working on Strategy and organisational development for “Catch22”. This is being billed as a “Strategy Reset” and will be a double header.   Steve is also working with the Trustees at the “Tutu Foundation (UK)” also on Strategy development.  (Ed: You don’t have to be called “Steve” to do Pro Bono work, but it clearly helps!)
  •  Jim Foster is providing IT support including GDPR advice to the “Ancient Tree Forum”    
  • Kanan Barot has been helping the “British Science Association” with Strategy Development
  • Bob Harris is working with the “Jack Petchey Foundation” providing advice on Board & staff succession
  • David Jefferson is advising the Mayor’s Fund for London on a Salesforce implementation
  • Rhonda Best is working with “GirlGuiding Middlesex NW” on a review of processes
  • Patrick Chapman (Chair of the Committee) has been providing advice and guidance to the “Heartfelt Philanthropy Network” and has been helping “Girlguiding Cymru” with strategy delivery, both for some time, alongside supporting the "Catch22" and "Cards for Good Causes" assignments.

The following members have carried out YBI Accreditation reviews during the past 12 months:   

Gia Campari (two); Tom Jenkins (two); Malcolm Green; John Corneille; Jeff Herman; Bob Harris; John Pulford; Chris Sutton.  Unfortunately further planned reviews in the first half of 2020 have been put on hold due to the current international travel restrictions.

The following Members have on-going mentoring relationship with Clients: Andy Miles; Mike Jeans; Jeff Herman; Helen Moulinos; Alan Latham; Nanette Young, John Pulford, Sue Ells, Collette Stone, David Glassman and Patrick Chapman.