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My most interesting ... whatever #6

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The next edition of this series in which Members talk about an interesting and challenging project, client, methodology, lifechanging experience or ... "whatever". It is open to Company Members and their guests.

​The first Western-style Business School in China 

Bob & Sally Garratt will take us back to 1982 when, as two youngish Brits with no institutional base, they were asked by the Communist Party of China to create that country's first MBA programme.  Along the way they will discuss how they convinced a Confucian-orientated society to base the MBA programme on Action Learning.  They will also reveal some unexpected challenges that they faced on the way.


Outsourcing Corporate Social Responsibilities - volunteering with B1G1

Leonard Specterman will then describe his experiences with B1G1 (Buy one, Give one) which is the global giving movement helping businesses around the world to give back in meaningful ways. Imagine being able to say to your customers: "every time you do business with us, something great happens to impact lives".  It's all about integrating giving into business operations, and it really is global in reach and aspiration.


Join us for what promises to be an unusual and intriguing session.  As usual, there is no charge but please register so that you receive the login details. Members can click on this Participant Listing link to see who has booked.

Dress code is Smart Casual.

February 17th, 2021 5:30 PM through  7:00 PM
Zoom Video Conference
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