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MMIW - Nick and Kanan's Dope Project

This event has been postponed. A revised date will be announced shortly.

Nick and Kanan's Dope Project (Nick Bush and Kanan Barot)

It seemed a standard pro-bono request - can you help this client with consultancy support in relation to their overarching strategy and organisation?

Nick and Kanan both volunteered. It was in south London, so local for both; it was music-related, so interesting for Nick; there were young people involved, so interesting for Kanan; and, of course, strategy and organisation are any consultant's bread and butter. It sounded ideal!

Initial briefings went well, and the duo made their preparations to get stuck in - and then realised they were going to deepest, darkest Peckham where sick and dope awaited them........



How did they cope? Join us on 15 February for the next MMIW to find out!

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15th Feb 2023 from  6:00 PM to  7:00 PM
In Person - Location TBA
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United Kingdom

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