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Education Supper at Bakers' Hall 19 June:  AI's Role in Higher Education
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Education Supper - June 2024

The annual Education Supper celebrates innovation and new thinking in Education.   This event is open both to Company Members and Non-Members to book.  The || Register Now || button will be visible to the right when bookings can be made.

“Imagine” – The Role of AI in Reshaping Higher Education

We are delighted to announce the theme and venue for this year’s Education Supper, which will be taking place on the 19th of June 2024 at Bakers' Hall from 18:00 to 21:45 (preceded by an Admissions Ceremony at 17:30) and discover how AI revolutionises learning and leadership, empowering us for the future. In the new world of AI, education and awareness will be key to unlocking our imagination.

We are exploring the future of education and Generative AI, which is impacting us more quickly than any technological advance we have seen in recent years, and will have a dramatic effect on all of education. Whether this is good or bad will depend on the context of its application. What are our intentions for it as users? What are the safeguards needed to manage its deployment? Should we imagine new horizons of productivity, innovation, accessibility, and personalisation? Or does it unleash ethical mayhem, misinformation and bias, displacement of employment and trade skills, and a new technological addiction? Can AI answer any of these questions?

Our guest speaker Dr Chris Dalton, Associate Professor of Management Learning at Henley Business School, will present a lay practitioner’s perspective on Generative AI in Higher Education. Drawing on examples from its use and experience in British universities, and with the field of management consultancy in mind, Chris will outline what Generative AI in education is, what the implications are of its adoption and use, the promise it might hold, as well as the pitfalls and dangers that must be considered.

As well as plenty of inspiring conversation around the dinner table, you and your guests will enjoy a delightful supper, accompanied by matched wines from our Company cellar. It will be a perfect blend of intellectual stimulation and culinary delight.

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Dress code is "Business Attire" 

19th Jun 2024 from  5:30 PM to  9:45 PM
Bakers' Hall
Harp Lane
London, London EC3R 6DP
United Kingdom
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All Participants £ 97.00 (includes VAT of £ 16.17)

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