CMCE Virtual Workshop (1st of 5) 11 Apr:  Next Gen2.0: Risky Business
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CMCE Next Gen 2.0: Risky Business

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The first in a series of interactive workshops with leading academics and practitioners to explore the fundamentals of behavioural economics .  This event is open both to Company Members and Non-Members to book.  The || Register Now || button will be visible to the right when bookings can be made.

​CMCE Next Gen 2.0: Risky Business 

This series of workshops will explore the fundamentals of behavioural economics, how they can be used reflectively to change how we think about business today, and what they mean for how we engage with the future of technology. Held jointly with Dr Edmond Smith, Senior Lecturer in Economic Cultures at the University of Manchester.


Much of life and business comes down to making choices. But how do you make decisions? We might like to think that we carefully collect and assess information, consider the outcomes dispassionately, and reach a rational decision: but how often can that really be the case? Who hasn’t found themselves making a snap judgement based on first impressions, on gut feeling, or half-heard rumours coming down the grapevine? Rather than suggesting that this is a mistake, this session will simply accept that this is how we all reach decisions and aim to draw out the influences that shape us.


Dr Edmond Smith is a Senior Lecturer in Economic Cultures at The University of Manchester. Their prize-winning research seeks to understand the institutional underpinnings of economic development, innovation, and globalisation. This includes numerous academic journals and books, including Merchants: The Community That Shaped England’s Trade and Empire (2021), and prestigious funding awards from the British Academy, UKRI, and the European Research Council. In addition to their academic work, Smith maintains strong relationships with finance and policy sectors, with a particular focus on economic security, innovation, and long-run economic change. In 2023 they established the Economic Security Policy Network that draws on a wide range of expertise across the humanities to provide expert advice on topics related to innovation, technology, and systemic economic challenges.

The following workshops will take place:

Workshop 2: 9 May, 4pm, online

Workshop 3: 23 May, 4pm, online

Workshop 4: 13 June, 4pm, online

Workshop 5: 27 June, tbc

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11th Apr 2024 from  4:00 PM to  5:00 PM
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United Kingdom
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