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CMCE Next Gen 2.0: Risky Business

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The second in a series of interactive workshops with leading academics and practitioners to explore the fundamentals of behavioural economics .  This event is open both to Company Members and Non-Members to book.  The || Register Now || button will be visible to the right when bookings can be made.

​CMCE Next Gen 2.0: Risky Business 

This series of workshops will explore the fundamentals of behavioural economics, how they can be used reflectively to change how we think about business today, and what they mean for how we engage with the future of technology. Held jointly with Dr Edmond Smith, Senior Lecturer in Economic Cultures at the University of Manchester.


Why does anyone do anything? Do we take risks for the possibility of reward? Or do we turn from them out of a fear of failure or punishment? There are myriad motivations that affect all of us, but recognising that they change how we make decisions is only the starting point. In exploring how diverse motivations can change how we make decisions, personally and in work, this session aims to reach a better understanding of how different people respond to risks and opportunities, and how we might use this to make better decisions, as individuals and as businesses

Our speaker is Adam McCarthy, PhD student in Science Technology and Innovation Policy at the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research. His research focuses on the governance of emerging technologies for societal benefit. Considering his background in molecular biology, he has a strong interest in sustainability and responsibility in the biosciences, recently focusing on international efforts to regulate AI-driven innovation in this area. His work is underpinned by a Responsible Innovation approach which means “taking care of the future through collective stewardship of science and innovation in the present”.  His work has resulted in collaborations with a variety of stakeholders, ranging from preparing scientific advice for Members of Parliament and conducting interviews with international negotiators to teaching courses on Responsible Innovation in local schools.

Our panellists are Caroline Wehrle and Dannielle Haig.

Caroline Wehrle has spent more than 25 years working in the fields of risk management, audit, internal controls, compliance and business integrity. She started her career in the engineering sector providing technical and quantitative risk management services to the civil engineering and rail industries.  She then moved into consumer goods, joining Diageo, the world’s largest premium drinks business, where she held a number of senior positions, culminating in her final role as Global Risk & Compliance Director leading an integrated global risk management, internal control, compliance and ethics function.  Caroline is now a Non-Executive Director and Audit and Risk Committee Chair for Aster Housing Group and NHS Property Services, and an independent member of the Audit and Risk Committee at the Wellcome Trust.  Caroline has a BA Hons degree in Risk Management from Glasgow Caledonian University, an MBA from Bayes Business School.

Dannielle Haig is a Principal Business Psychologist, Executive Coach, Board Advisor and People Specialist. She is a HCPC member and MBPsS and is highly accomplished in understanding and analysing human behaviour in the workplace. Her areas of expertise and academic research lie in Leadership Personalities and Mental Resilience which has seen her developing a psychometric with some of the world’s leading Business Psychologists. She is a highly regarded business coach and trainer as well as the Director and Principal Business Psychologist of DH Consulting, a boutique, London based consultancy which works globally with the world’s largest organisations and brands to enhance their performance through Leadership initiatives. She is also an accomplished public speaker and loves nothing more than to share her knowledge of The Dark Triad with a willing audience.

Why is this topic important and relevant in today's business environment?

"In an era where change is the only constant, understanding the psychology behind risk-taking is not just insightful—it's essential. Now more than ever, it's the daring leaps that draw the future's blueprint."


The following workshops will take place:

Workshop 1: 11 April, 4pm, online

Workshop 3: 23 May, 4pm, online

Workshop 4: 13 June, 4pm, online

Workshop 5: 27 June, tbc

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9th May 2024 from  4:00 PM to  5:00 PM
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