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CMCE Showcase: People-centric Organisational Change

WCoMC Event Booking (Registration) - No Payment

Welcome to our event booking system, providing a secure and flexible means for reserving your tickets (places) and those for your guests. As there is no payment for this event, your access and special diet requirements may well not be needed, but you can update them if you wish.

If a yellow "Welcome ..." bar with your name is shown above, skip to "Your Registration Details" below, otherwise please read on:

  • As the first stage of registration, below, we ask that all WCoMC members login before proceeding and that non-members create an Event Account (or login to their existing event account). For existing account holders this will speed up your booking as our system can then autofill your name, email address and your ongoing personal diet, access and seating requirements, all held on your account.
  • If you are not a Company member, creating an Event Account is very simple: we just ask you to provide an account name (eg firstname.lastname) and verify it is available, before proceeding to enter your name, email address and ticket requirements (noting that your email address must be unique – two accounts cannot share the same email address). Our system will then, in parallel, send you an email to enable you to create your own personal password for your event account with us and allow you to login and update your booking and those of your guests (and join us for future events!), or update the details held in your account. If the account name you offer is not available, we suggest you add a number to it (eg firstname.lastname99) and try again; above all, we recommend you adopt a memorable name!
  • If you have any queries, please email

    Thank you.

Please enter a Username to create an account. If you already have an account please login before completing this form.
Your Registration Details

Existing account holders:    please check/update your name and email address and then enter any personal requirements specific for this event.  If you later wish to enter/amend your ongoing personal requirements, please login and visit My Account via the menu at the top of every screen

New Event Account holders:    please enter your name, email address and then your personal requirements specific for this event.  If you later wish to amend your name/email, or enter/amend your ongoing personal requirements for future WCoMC events, please login and visit My Account via the menu at the top of every screen

Please note:

By convention we do not use "Mr", "Mrs" or "Miss", although the latter two are available in the dropdown
Only your First and Last Names, as shown below, will be shared with registered account holders or visitors to our site

If your Title or Post-Nominals are not included in the dropdowns, please contact


In addition to the ongoing requirements you have recorded in your account, which are shown immediately after each box below, please indicate:

Your dietary requirements specific to this event
Any access issues which you have for this event
Any preferences you have for this event (which we will try to accommodate)

Please enter the number of screens (places) you want to book - including one for yourself. We need these details to email the (Zoom) ID and password

Enter the number of screens you require; later you can then add your guests' details (for the other screens) by logging in and visiting Your Bookings and Guests which is located on the Events menu

Once you have completed registration, please remember to enter the names and related information for registering additional guest screens by logging in and visiting Your Bookings and Guests from the Events menu, visible on the left of this screen and on all the Events pages of our website

If you later wish to change the number of screens you have registered, email; please do not attempt to add extra (or delete) places yourself

Billing Name and Address
Email & Contact Permissions

Please provide us with/confirm your permissions for us to contact you