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Annual Service and Reception Sept 2023

Our Annual Church Service of Celebration, Dedication and Thanksgiving, which this year fell on the 300th anniversary of Wren’s death, was as usual held at his beautiful church of St James Garlickhythe, a location that needs little introduction. St James Garlickhythe is the Company’s church in Garlick Hill. It is a unique 17th century City Church and has been a sacred place since 1100AD. Sir Christopher Wren rebuilt St James in 1683 after the Great Fire to be full of light, since when it has become known as ‘Wren’s Lantern’.

Following the service, we held a reception with canapes and wine from our cellar, at Dyers Hall (just up the road at 10 Dowgate Hill). At the start of the reception we held an admissions and clothing ceremony. This was a rare opportunity to visit one of the smaller ancient City Livery Halls. As a Company, we had not held an event there in recent memory.

This year was the second occurance of the Company's Gonfalon Walk where our Court followed our Company Standard to and from St James.


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