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The 2023 Summer Celebration - 4th July

Welcome to The Charterhouse

There was a rumour that July was mid-summer – warm, dry balmy evenings. And in 2023, July followed a particularly hot June, ideal for a garden party you might think. The ancient setting and surroundings of The Charterhouse, with a history encompassing a monastery, grand mansion, boys school and an almshouse (to this day), located just north of Barbican, was our destination for the evening.

However, on the day of our celebration, the heavens sadly opened and so we had to shelter in an ancient cloister - watching the grass outside get more and more sodden. However that did not spoil the fellowship and fun of a new member admission, followed by champagne and wine from the Company Cellar and a hog-roast buffet dinner, all capped off by an auction of a range of promises and gifts to raise monies for our Charitable Fund.


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