CMCE Virtual-Showcase 18 Oct:  Digital Marketing 101
Installation Ceremony and Celebration 20 Oct:  Saddlers' Hall
In Person Shoptalk 27 Oct:  The Artillery Arms
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Additional Events Registration Payments

Top-up Credit/Debit Card Payments for Events

Please only use this page for making events related card payments, processed by Stripe. If you wish to make any other payment please click on this link.

Please follow the guidance below:

  • Enter the amount you have been asked to pay in order to "top up" your previous payment
    Please note that there is a ceiling of £500 per top-up
    Use this facility multiple times for greater amounts
  • This triggers the credit/debit card form to display below
  • Enter your card and billing details in the form:
    Card Number, Expiry Date, 3 Digit CVC and Post Code
  • Click on Continue payment
  • Acknowledgment and an email receipt will then follow

Once we have received confirmation of your payment, we will add the additional ticket(s) to your reservation and notify you. You will then be able to record the name(s) and email address(es) of your guest(s) in the usual way via Your Bookings and Guests.

If you have any problems, please email

Thank you.

Total Amount
Billing Name and Address