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Positive outcomes from our ProBono Support

From Problems to Solutions. How can we help?

In the diagram below, we have set out questions that frequently we have been asked. Of course different clients have different ways of expressing their problems, but we hope that this selection helps you to find a potential way to identifying your solutions with our help:

The services we offer generally fall into the six areas we have set out in the diagram. We start our involvement by discussing with each Client their issues and concerns, then from that we work out and agree a plan for providing support — through Mentoring or Consultancy. We then introduce one or more members of our Company to work with each Client according to our agreed assessment of their needs.

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Pan-Livery Support

In cases where deeper specialist expertise is required, involving skills that our members do not readily possess, we can call on support from members of other Livery Companies, for example in relation to particular HR or Marketing needs. In all cases we focus our combined ProBono support to the benefit of our clients.