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Assignments and adventures

Members' Articles

Over recent years, our members have contributed a host of articles to our regular monthly newsletters. These articles have covered a wide range of topics, both personal and professional, around their work and travel. They are gathered here under this heading, in reverse chronological order.

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So what's golden, sweet, produced in increasingly smaller quantities in the UK, and is an emotional link to our childhood?

Furry producers decreasing in number, skills dying out.

Rich, golden honey,  dripping off piping hot toast is an image many people have of childhood. Taste honey today and you get the same wonderful experience - for honey is one of those rare foods that has the same clean, unadulterated taste that our ancient ancestors enjoyed.

   So who works to put the honey on your table today? There are between 350 and 400 commercial bee farmers in the UK. Most are members of the Bee Farmers Association.

WE WANT TO KNOW.........

..............What you are doing when you are not working.

Management Consultants combine with Haberdashers in the Monmouth Initiative

The Ancient , wefting and warping with the Modern:  WCoMC aligning with the Haberdashers, to push back the frontiers of 21st Century Education

The Haberdashers Company is one of the very ancient “Great 12” Livery Companies of the City of London.  It nevertheless has a very modern agenda, particularly with its significant involvement in education, both in the maintained and independent sectors.

Re-thinking User Experience Design in Asia

Starting only with the desired outcome, and progressing through to sign-off of a complicated major investment programme - in six weeks

Books Published by WCoMC Members

Worshipful publications bring enlightenment to diverse intellectual areas...

Click on the Read More link to see some surprising books that our members have published!

The Charity Regatta for the Sea Scouts

How often do you get to be entertained by Admirals with gold-plated scrambled eggs on their shoulders...?

The New Clerk charts the way forward...

Adele sees the Company becoming involved as much as possible in City affairs

I am honoured to have been elected as your Clerk and will do my best to serve.  I am very conscious that I have a hard act to follow in Leslie, a long-standing member who knows exactly how things are done.

The Lord Mayor's Show

Lynda Purser,  marching in the Wet Weather Programme..

The Lord Mayor’s Show was the first event following my clothing as a Liveryman on October 17th and I very much wanted to be there. I left home early to find the flat in the Barbican where we were to meet for sustenance and robing before embarking on the walk. It was great- I being in the right place at the right time was given the Immediate Past Master’s robe to wear which was not only warm but also very colourful!

".... But where was the Board?"

Address delivered to ORGANISATIONAL LEARNING CONFERENCE   - Dubai  30-31 October 2013   by  Past Master, Bob Garratt                                                                        

The Energy to Transform Lives

The Lord Mayor's message - continuing with the theme of The City in Society, but reflecting her long association with the City as an energy lawyer, specialising in global electricity industry reforms

I am honoured to be promoting the City of London this year as the 686th Lord Mayor (and only the second woman since 1189). I have been overwhelmed by the support I have received from the Livery and am looking forward to seeing you all in the coming year.


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