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Assignments and adventures

Members' Articles

Over recent years, our members have contributed a host of articles to our regular monthly newsletters. These articles have covered a wide range of topics, both personal and professional, around their work and travel. They are gathered here under this heading, in reverse chronological order.

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Kilimanjaro – Getting to the Top

Always take the advice of your dentist...

Jaguars involved in Change Management Exercise!

Cattle ranchers in Brazil sacrificing some of their calves to develop a new industry

Brazil would not be the first place that you might consider for a safari but in July this year, I had the fantastic experience of spending time with a jaguar research team in the southern Pantanal region.   Their project was called “Onçafari” and the team was researching how to preserve the natural habitat of the jaguars but habituate them to vehicles, so that jaguars could become “star animals” for stimulating the growth of ecotourism in Brazil.  

The Members' Wine Wanderings Blog

Liverymen uncorked...


Installation Dinner

Cabinet Office Mininster welcomes our Master

Taking time out from his role as Minister for the Cabinet Office and Paymaster General, looking for government savings "well in excess of £8bn", The Rt Hon Frances Maude MP gave the keynote address at the installation dinner that heralded Geoff Llewellyn as our current master.

National Youth Orchestra

WCoMC support converted into music

WCoMC is sponsoring a violinist member of the National Youth Orchestra,  Angus Bain, through their "Take a Seat" campaign.  Here Angus describes his experiences throughout the Winter and Spring sessions of 2012-13.  It sounds a wonderful programme, and clearly he is making great progress.  We are proud of him, and he is happy with our support.

Winter 2012-13 session

"Dear Worshipful Company of Management Consultants,

A Nightmare Sailing Charter in Cuba

Cuban waters in the starless night, with faulty navigation equipment

It was to be a night sail as we left later than anticipated and we set off in the late afternoon after a hearty meal cooked by Kim.
There was a cold front and the sea was choppy but I had been in a lot worse and I was not at all concerned. The weather was warm and it started as a pleasant sail . . . 

WCoMC Cass Development Group

Working together to become more executive-focused

Cass Business School has asked WCoMC to work with them to help change some of the focus of the school to become ‘more executive-focused’ by involving us in informal debate and development.  This will better use a combination of  the wide experiences of WCoMC members and the high-quality research output of Cass.

Sherlock Holmes in India

British Eccentrics in India

Putting Something Back

This Article is reproduced from 15th May 2013

The Worshipful Company of Management Consultants can help consultancy firms maximise the effectiveness - and professional benefits - of their philanthropic endeavours, says our management consultancy columnist, Mick James.

The Professional Network

Get Connected!

When the guilds, then livery companies, were set up in the Middle Ages their primary aim was to manage what were effectively closed shops as well as training apprentices and looking after members who had fallen on hard times. When re-invented by the Victorians, the original reason was pushed gently to one side and thus the livery is now largely focused on educational and charitable activities.


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